chimney sweeper workingOver time, your chimney can become extremely dirty and full of soot that can cause dangerous blockages. When you burn wood, and the fumes escape through your chimney, you will cause something called creosote. This is a highly flammable substance that can accumulate quickly if your chimney isn’t regularly cleaned, putting you and your family at risk.

Thankfully, the team at Hygienic Air Plus is here to help@ We offer professional chimney cleaning in Sanford to help correct this problem and reduce the chances of chimney fires in your home. Even if you get your chimney cleaned once per year from us, it will have a profound impact on the health and safety of everyone in your home!

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Discover Professional Chimney Cleaning in Sanford, FL

Cleaning a chimney is easier said than done. This is a small space in your home that’s hard for you to reach – not to mention it’s full of soot and all kinds of other substances. To ensure that your chimney is cleaned thoroughly and safely, it needs to be done by professionals.

With many years of experience cleaning chimneys in Florida, we’re more than capable of providing an expert job for you. Our team will use all the latest cleaning tools and techniques to guarantee that your chimney is left as clean as it has ever been.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Chimney?

The benefits of cleaning a chimney go beyond what you initially expect. Removing all the dirt and grime from inside your chimney can improve the draw and efficiency of your fireplace. This means you won’t have to burn through as much wood to create the heat needed to keep your home nice and toasty.

As already mentioned, dirty fireplaces are fire hazards. Cleaning your chimney reduces this risk and can prevent bad fires from happening in your home. Not only that, but regular cleaning of your chimney can ensure that all elements of it stay in great working order.

This’ll ensure that your chimney remains effective for as many years as possible, minimizing the chances that costly repairs will need to be done.

When Should I Call For A Chimney Cleaning?

We strongly recommend that you have a chimney inspection at least once per year, typically before the start of the burning season – which is when the weather starts getting colder.

This is also the best time for you to book professional chimney cleaning. Getting this done once a year is all that’s needed to maintain efficiency, cleanliness, and minimize any fire hazards in the home.

Get The Best Chimney Cleaning Near Sanford, Florida – Hygienic Air Plus Air Duct Cleaning

If you live in or around Sanford, Hygienic Air Plus can help you maintain your chimney and all elements of the system. Contact us to book a chimney inspection, and a member of our team will be at your home at your earliest convenience.

From here, we advise you on whether chimney sweeping is necessary or not. In most cases, it will be, and we can clean your chimney for a competitive and fair price. Contact us now to make your booking!

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