chimney sweeper workingWhen you need chimney cleaning in Leesburg, you can only trust Hygienic Air Plus.

We can clean chimneys and ductwork in your home or office with our industry-standard methods. Regardless of the ventilation system in your home or business, our highly trained engineers can clean it quickly and efficiently.

Still, chimneys are hazardous because of carbon monoxide.

Signs you may need the chimney cleaned include:

  • Poorly burning fires
  • Strange odors
  • Smoking
  • Falling soot
  • Animal nesting

We can clean any vent, chimney, or duct. We perform our renowned chimney cleaning service using the latest equipment and vacuum trucks, and all of our services and tools are of the highest quality.

Let us take care of all your chimney cleaning needs today to ensure a better chimney tomorrow.

Hygienic Air Plus Services

The purpose of chimneys is to allow gasses and soot and gas to escape from a heating system. However, all this matter builds up inside and will cause severe problems if not removed. A clogged chimney will not only smoke and smell but will increase allergies because of impaired airflow.

As such, regular chimney inspection and cleaning are required. Further, residential and commercial chimney maintenance is essential to prevent hazardous air pollution caused by an excess of undetectable by the nose, and lethal, carbon monoxide.

What We Can Do for You

The services we provide for homes and businesses are fast and efficient.

For example, suppose the heating system hasn’t been inspected in the past year. In that case, it’s crucial to have it checked when moving into a new home. Therefore, one of our trained professionals will maintain your chimneys and ducts properly.

Chimney Repair and Servicing Near Me

Soot accumulation in your chimney system can lead to inefficiency and hazardous buildup. An obstructed chimney system will ultimately worsen respiratory conditions like asthma. Take, for instance, not cleaning your chimneys regularly.

Eventually, they become clogged, and contaminants usually emitted into the outside air accumulate inside. This worsens respiratory problems caused by particulates, heating system smoking, and deadly carbon monoxide.

Local Expert Chimney Inspection

You should maintain your air ducts regularly since you spend most of your time indoors.

Yet, the best thing you can do is not try to do it yourself. It is also possible that you don’t realize how serious the problem is since some ventilation areas are challenging to reach. For this reason, we have access to advanced tools. Video and expert inspections can help us locate problem areas within chimneys. Additionally, our engineers know how to identify hazards.

Hygienic Chimney Maintenance

Examining chimneys is dangerous. For example, soot and debris can fall from a clogged system in large chunks and carbon monoxide is a risk. Fortunately, we offer a variety of types of chimney cleaning and repair services. For example, suppose your fire takes ages to light, and smoke fills the room. You likely have a clogged chimney. The system can be examined and cleaned as required by our expert engineers. We recommend calling us each year to clean your chimney ventilation system and carry out a hazard assessment.

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We offer a 20% discount for emergency services, and we offer excellent residential and commercial chimney cleaning in Leesburg.  Based in Lake County, we serve Central Florida.

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